The Media Shop Department at R and R Virtual Tours Ltd

The Media Shop Department at R and R Virtual Tours Ltd provide you with the perfect way to increase your properties or products exposure. Let your customers experience your premises, location or process without the time and cost of unnecessary travel. Let The Media Shop Department at R and R Virtual Tours Ltd put your customers where you want them.

R and R Virtual Tours Ltd use a marketing method that has the unique ability to put people inside the space you want to promote. We produced virtual media tours for educational purposes, community projects, training aids, property management and industry, providing our customers with a state of the art virtual tour so their customers will be impressed.

Flash, HTML5 and Design all included

R and R virtual tours media all come with both Flash and HTML5 versions, working on a simple auto select system for flexibility and device compatibility. We design the tours around your brand, using your own colors, logo and design styles.

Your tour media can be fully interactive providing floor plans, maps and information points for each scene which will allow you to provide your visitor with lots of extra information such as text, images or even video. All this can be included in all our projects, giving you a completely unique virtual tour product that your customers will love.

All tour media can be run from cd, local machine or online which makes them perfect for all types of uses, send them to customers on cd as part of your promotional pack, run them locally on a touch screen information booth making your information fully interactive with videos, text and pictures or incorporate them into your website with a simple html code. Online Virtual Tours will run on computers, laptops, ipads, tablets and most mobile phones guaranteeing that no matter what device your customer uses they will always be able to access your information